Ammerman Brothers

Founders Mike and Bob Ammerman

Farmer’s Tobacco isn’t about bean counters in suits who work in offices in big cities. It’s about carrying on the traditions of the company's founders, fourth generation tobacco farmers.

They grew up learning the soil, the weather and the time-proven methods of growing, harvesting and curing the world’s best tobaccos.

And at the heart of Farmer’s Tobacco is a guy named Happy Wiglesworth (no, we’re not making that up!) who is easily one of America’s top tobacco blending experts.

From Bob and Mike’s farming skills to Happy’s knack for creating flavorful blends the company has developed some of the best tobacco products available anywhere at any price.

Browse through our website and find out just how we do it! And check out all our products. And next time you’re in Cynthiana, Kentucky stop in and say hello!

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